Chocolate Covered Oreos Recipe

A simple, elegant, and tasty holiday cookie are chocolate-covered Oreos. Using Oreos, chocolate, melted candy, and sprinkles, make exquisite chocolate-dipped Oreos. 


– 12 Oreo – 8 oz. white chocolate melting wafer – 8 oz. milk, semi sweet or dark chocolate melting wafer – ¼ cup holiday themed sprinkle


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Put melted chocolate in microwave-safe dishes. In 30-second increments, microwave chocolate until melted. Between increments, stir chocolate.

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Dip each side of the Oreo into the melted chocolate after it has cooled. To turn the cookie from one side to the other, use a fork.

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The chocolate-dipped Oreos should be placed on a sizable sheet of wax paper.

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After a few minutes, sprinkle or pour chocolate-covered oreos. In 20–30 minutes, chocolate croissants solidify. Cookies set faster after 10-15 minutes in fridge.

Oreos with chocolate and sprinkles last four weeks in an airtight jar at room temperature.


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